Bradford F. Lyon

Summary Page of My Visualizations

Who am I?

I am a learner. Curious. Passionate about data visualization for surfacing and summarizing insight.

I have a M.S. and Ph.D. in Mathematics from Vanderbilt University.

I have taught much of the undergraduate curriculum in mathematics at Vanderbilt while a graduate student (was awarded the B.F. Bryant Award for Teaching), been involved with environmental transport modeling, 3D software development, Java development (developer and technical lead), mobile app development, discrete event simulation modeling and analyses, Microsoft Office automation development, development, and data visualization with Html5/D3.js/three.js.

Based on my mathematical background, I am generally comfortable with or can pick up the mathematics/statistics underlying the approaches, using it to fit a specific problem.

Based on my teaching background, I enjoy diving into technical material and working to make it more widely understood to those who may not be familiar with it.

I am enamored with the power of javascript, coupled with the dawning abilities of modern browsers. For examples, see my page of visualizations.

Please feel free to   reach out to me